Branded contravision window printing service


Brand your windows to the max!

Ideal for businesses seeking to enhance privacy and advertise simultaneously. A visually appealing material that offers privacy, light control, and marketing in one solution

Cover your windows without covering your windows

Contravision vinyl, a revolutionary product in the realm of window treatments, offers a trifecta of benefits: privacy, light control, and a unique advertising platform.

Imagine transforming your windows into dynamic billboards, all while enjoying natural light without compromising on privacy. This innovative material uses a special perforated design, allowing those inside to see out clearly, yet displaying vibrant graphics to the outside world. It’s an ideal solution for businesses looking to make a visual impact, attract more customers, and utilise their window space to the fullest. Beyond commercial use, it serves as an effective means to reduce sun glare and heat, making spaces more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Whether for a storefront, office, or home, contravision vinyl enhances both functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it a smart choice for anyone looking to upgrade their windows.


Contravision is a perforated vinyl, black to one side and white to the other. This enables us to print to one side whilst its nearly transparent from the reverse and doesn’t block any view.

  • Fully Printable Vinyl
  • Long Lasting & Highly Durable
  • Completely see through from the reverse

Print your brand, a sales message, even a full colour photograph, anything you like. Simply treat it like a solid material without any design compromise. We’ll help you design a window look which will help promote your services.

  • Full Colour Design
  • Brand reinforcement
  • Promote your services

We’ve worked with contravision for several years and whilst we know it looks great and works incredibly well, it does have one drawback so we thought we’d give you the full picture but feel free to ask for more details.

  • Whilst a great advertising space during the day when it’s bright, Contravision ‘reverses’ at night when it’s brighter inside. If this doesn’t matter, then no problem.
  • Professional application only


A window film that allows visibility from the inside out while displaying graphics on the outside.

By professional installers who ensure a seamless and durable application

Absolutely, designed to withstand weather and sun exposure.

It allows light in while reducing glare and heat.

By turning windows into vibrant advertising spaces.

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