The magic of Contravision

Contravision is a term often used to describe a special type of window film or graphic material that allows visibility from one side while displaying an image or message on the other side. This technology is commonly used in advertising, particularly on vehicle windows, building windows, and other transparent surfaces.

The material used for Contravision typically has a perforated design, with tiny holes that let light pass through. From the outside, viewers see a solid image or advertisement, while those inside can still see out, albeit with a slightly reduced level of visibility. This effect is achieved by balancing the light and dark areas in the design and taking advantage of the human eye’s tendency to focus on the brighter side.

Contravision is widely used for:

  1. Vehicle Wraps: Advertisements on bus windows, car windows, or other vehicles where it’s important to maintain visibility for passengers.
  2. Building Wraps: Large-scale advertising on building windows while allowing natural light inside.
  3. Privacy Screens: Providing privacy in offices or homes without completely blocking the view to the outside.

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