About Us. What REALLY makes us tick.

Having worked together for many years in the print and signage sector, Justin, Helen and Andy came together to form Print Co at the beginning of 2023.

Each brings to the business a perfect combination of complementary skills from sales and management to print production and signage installation. Together we have a huge 60 years of collective industry knowledge, which puts our clients minds at ease knowing they are working with industry experts.

Andy Middleton

Sales & Marketing Director

Andy is a print sector veteran and has been in print for many years across Nottinghamshire and the wider East Midlands. He started off in general print stationery sales (1988) but now focusses his skills in helping businesses realise the most from their investment through creative print and signage projects.

Andy loves to Network. Nothing at all to do with the free food.

Likes shiny things and new ideas!

Helen Gaunt

Studio Director

Helen is a design graduate from NTU so anything creative is her bag from designing print and signage to corporate branding and creating imaginative office and retail space.

Helen is also our master juggler, managing the daily job flow in the factory with Justin, whilst making sure all artwork is print ready.

As a ‘details’ person, Helen likes to make sure all paperwork is in order and the client’s requirements are adhered to.

Often found on the beach leaving no stone unturned!

Justin Hallam

Production Director

Justin is the man that can. Having been a printing press operator, signage maker and fitter for many years, there aren’t many situations which Justin hasn’t seen and dealt with.

An awkward space to slot a sign into is his bread and butter. He now runs production with Helen and is just at home 50ft in the air on a cherry picker drilling holes into walls or wrapping a car with branded graphics.

Pop in for a conversation about print and you’ll soon end up taking about motorbikes!


We’re Different. Good Different.

Print Co are a provider for everything you need to promote your business on paper, on signage, on vans and on well, pretty much anything.

With over 60 years industry knowledge poured into every job, you can be sure we know our stuff and will help you build great awareness of your company brand.