What is lamination?

Laminating is a great way to protect and embellish your printed materials by covering them with a thin layer of plastic film. Think of it as giving your documents a protective shield that keeps them safe from wear and tear. Whether it’s a menu, a business card, or a brochure cover, laminating ensures that your print lasts longer and looks better.

Here’s how it works: we place the stack of printed sheets into an automated laminating machine, which then uses rollers to apply high heat and pressure, sealing a plastic film over the surface of one side of the sheet or both. This film bonds tightly to your material, creating a durable and protective layer.

One of the main benefits of laminating is the protection it offers. Your documents become resistant to spills, smudges, and dirt, making them ideal for frequent handling. Additionally, lamination guards against fading caused by sunlight, so your colours stay bright and vibrant for a long time.

Lamination doesn’t just protect; it also enhances the appearance of your prints. You can choose from different finishes, such as glossy, which makes colours pop or matt, which gives a more subdued, professional look. A soft touch laminate gives a velvet, tactile matt feel for a high end finish. This added layer can make your prints feel more substantial and high-quality.

*Ask us about Eco Friendly lamination!

Overall, laminating is a smart way to create durable paper-based marketing materials and make them look their best, time after time. 

Ps…Remember at school we used to ‘laminate’ sheets of A4 which left a clear border all the way round? In fact, this is called ‘encapsulation’. Laminated sheets do not have a clear border, they finish at the edge of the paper or board.

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