four pull up roller banners at National Trust Property Woolsthorpe Manor

Roller Banners: How to set up your artwork

A question we’re asked on a regular basis is, ‘what size do I set up my artwork for a roller banner’ Here’s the answer…

A standard roller banner (through Print Co.) is 800mm wide x 2000mm deep BUT, please include an additional 200mm at the foot as ‘bleed’. Bleed is simply an extension of the artwork which will be cut off. This area won’t be seen so don’t put anything important here, simply run the image off. This eliminates the chance of a white gap showing where the image stops at the bottom.

The same applies to wider roller banners at 850mm wide, 1000mm wide, 1500mm wide and 2000mm wide. Just add on the extra 200mm bleed area.

The rest of the artwork set up as standard print ready, 300 DPI, fonts turned to outlines, images embedded with ticks and 3mm bleed.

I hope this helps but please feel free to contact me if you’d like more information. Email us here.

Use this graphic as a guide to how to set up your artwork