New signage at Woolsthorpe Manor

New signage at Woolsthorpe Manor

New signage at Woolsthorpe Manor

About Woolsthorpe Manor

Without Isaac Newton this small manor would be just another Lincolnshire farmhouse – but in 1665 the plague sent him back from university to this place where he was born. For 18 months Newton worked in solitude, experimenting obsessively, laying foundations for the science of today.

Woolsthorpe Manor tells the story of Newton’s time at Woolsthorpe, from his birth and childhood to the discoveries of his Year of Wonders. In the 17th century manor house you can stand in the room where he used a prism to split sunlight into the colours of the rainbow, exploring the nature of light. From the window you can see the apple tree in the orchard which inspired his theory of gravity.

Coming back to the present day, you can discover Newton’s science for yourself in the hands-on Science Centre and walk to the village church (not National Trust) where he was baptised. For more than 300 years people have come to Woolsthorpe, drawn by his story to find their own inspiration in this place of genius.

What we did

We were delighted to tender and win the job for design and production of new signage at National Trust site – Woolsthorpe Manor, the home of Sir Isaac Newton.

In our design process, we carefully considered the diverse needs of visitors, designing a blend of informational and wayfinding signage. Each sign was strategically placed to enhance the overall visitor experience, allowing them to navigate the expansive grounds while immersing themselves in the rich history and significance of the site.

To ensure longevity and resilience against the elements, we utilised high-quality, weatherproof materials. This not only guarantees the durability of the signage but also reflects our commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Our team collaborated closely with the National Trust throughout the process, ensuring that every aspect of the project met and exceeded their expectations. The successful execution of this endeavor underscores our dedication to delivering exceptional design and production services, leaving a lasting impression on both visitors and the historic site itself.

Visit Woolsthorpe Manor online here.

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