It’s time to up your Burger Game!

It’s time to up your Burger Game!

It’s time to up your Burger Game!

About Ank Marvin

For almost 12 years, Ank Marvin have been delivering premium quality food with critical acclaim.  Their range is second to none and boasts only the finest quality ingredients.   The range has something for everyone form meat eaters to vegetarians alike, most of which is gluten free with no additives or preservatives. Read more here.

What we did

Ian was looking for a new sign to sit on top of their marquee to attract attention and found us via a Google search. We spoke on the phone and he came in with very detailed drawings of exactly what he’d like, down to the structure and the weight restrictions (because of where and what it sits on).

We looked into it in fine detail and provided a quote, which I’m very pleased to say Ian accepted!

Ian provided artwork which had to be tweaked slightly to give the sign more strength but it didn’t affect the brand look at all, so we got to work manufacturing!

The sign itself is over 2m wide x 1.8m tall and is made from aluminium. It is shaped according to the design and fret cut (cut out) where the red and white elements show. The white parts are pushed through acrylic (so they show as slightly 3D) and the red parts are a red acrylic applied to the reverse of the face and are flat. LED lights are then glued into place on the back panel.

Ian was delighted with the end product and has provided us with photos showing the sign in situ.

Thanks again for the order and if you’re in need of a quality burger – you need to find them and up your Burger Game!


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