Big Melt: Where Van and cheese collide!

Big Melt: Where Van and cheese collide!

Big Melt: Where Van and cheese collide!

About Big Melt

Don’t panic, our tale’s not too cheesy! We won’t be telling you about how we have loved cheese from birth, or that our greatest granny bequeathed us her secret recipes…


What we will tell you is… We’re a fresh new street food crew, who wanted to make and sell something that was tasty, filling and loved! After mulling over and tasting many different foods, ”life’s tough”, we came across the much loved but sometimes overlooked, cheese on toast. Even before we tasted our first bite, watching the bubbling cheese toasting away, was irresistible! Read More


What we did

Given our details by a mutual friend, Chris called to say he’d like his new ‘blue’ food van to be fully wrapped to look like it has been driven at speed into a block of cheese! The idea being to stand out either on the move or at events to generate more business but attracting the eye compared to other vendor’s vans.

Not your usual request but as a company not scared of challenges, we put forward our quote and were very pleased when Chris called to say go ahead!

Following the proofing process, we wrapped the van front to back in black and yellow. We then added the remainder of the graphics to create the final incredible look! Chris and his business partners were overjoyed with the final product and we hope it attracts lots of attention and cheesy business for them!  Thanks for the order!

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